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1. Controls

Mouse to navigate.

While ingame, press left mouse button to the current piece (above the field) down. Pieces can be placed anywhere (including over already placed pieces, except for gray pieces).

Use the scroll wheel, or X and Z, to rotate your current piece.

2. Gameplay

Connect similarly colored pieces from one side to the other to clear them. Clearing pieces gives you power, and getting 100% power causes you to automatically attack.  Larger, branching connections give more power. Your goal is to clear all 10 levels without being defeated.
Additionally, clearing pieces gives you XP, which can be used to upgrade your stats in between stages. 
Some enemies will attack with gray pieces, which cannot be overwritten and will be cleared when pieces are cleared near it.

If you overwrite pieces, you will lose power, so it is important to consider when you should and shouldn't overwrite pieces. Additionally, dropping too far below 0% power will cause you to start taking damage. Be careful!

3. Story

There exists a tower, far away from civilization, where a dragon lives. They say that the one who slays the dragon will have their greatest wish granted. Many have tried to climb the tower to no avail. 

Enter Phoebe, a young girl who wishes to defeat the dragon and have her wish granted. Will she be able to survive the trials of Tsunagari Tower?

4. Changes since Jam Version

a) Almost complete graphical overhaul to ingame elements and background

b) Continue system (allows you to restart right where you left off)

c) New BGM for later stages and revamped BGM for the rest of the game

d) Extra Stage System

- Complete all stages without continues to fight a special 3 phase boss against the Weapon spirit. You have 90 seconds to defeat each phase (there is a timer at the bottom of the screen) or else you will be defeated immediately.

- There is a special BGM track for this stage, a remix of the main battle theme.

5. Known Issues

Godot 3.5 has issues related to audio crackling in web exports. If this is an issue, please try the executable version. 


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