In AD 40, Vietnam was under the military rule of the Han Dynasty who demanded tributes, heavily taxed the people, and pushed cultural reforms. Two sisters, Trung Nhi and Trung Nhac led a rebellion against the Han military after Nhi's husband was killed and hung in front of their town. You play as these two sisters. You must free settlements in Northern Vietnam, build fortifications and defeat the Han army.

Developed for Historically Accurate Game Jam 5.


For information on the story this game is based on, please read this Wikipedia article.


1. The Goal:

The goal is to unite all towns and villages of Vietnam under the rule of the Trung Sisters, and repel the Han Generals that currently rule over Vietnam.

If one of the two sisters die, the game is over.

2. Controls:

This game is played entirely with the mouse. 

  • Move mouse to edges of screen to pan
  • Scroll up/down to zoom
  • Middle click to reset zoom

Left click on a character (one of the two sisters) to select them, press right click to move around. 

When in a town, you can use that town's resources in order to construct buildings. 

  • Left click to select a building.
  • Right click in the world to place a building down.

Left click on a Barracks or Elephant Pen to open its interface. Here you can construct units of various types. If you move on to a Barracks or Elephant Pen tile with one of the sisters, you can exchange units with that tile.

When you come in contact with an enemy commander or enemy town center, you will initiate combat with them. During combat, your units automatically go against the opponent, all you have to do is start the round. You can adjust the fighting tactics if you want a different approach.

3. Credits:

This game was developed by pibolib and tonydthanh.

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Tags2D, Alternate History, Historical, Turn-based Strategy, vietnam


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This is amazing, really reminds me of Civilization and I love the game. Good job!


Holy smokes, this game is amazing! Really like all the animation and the way you build up your forces.